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Jeffery steven stone.
Jeffery steven stone!

Jeffery steven stone is having Experience of 45+ years in venture Capital/ Finance filed. This gentleman has always proven himself With 100% client satisfaction from the last 45+ years. He is currently working with Eurasian Capital LLC from the previous 21 years. He has to gather investors database from the last 45 years. He has Approx. 1 Million investors database with all valid Email ids.

Jeffery steven stone helps all startup. Companies who have a unique business idea and need investors for there Business. Jeffery steven stone can target as per Industry type, Geography etc. He is known for the fast results, at a very affordable cost. He is a 100% professional and ready to serve 24 hours a day and 7 Days a Week. Most of the Business are affected due to covid 19, but this man is working in the worst condition and given the extraordinary growth of 200%.

Planning to launch your own start-up? Now is the time. India is in its best ever phase of startup ecosystem and the economic environment is favoring the aspiring minds. However, careful planning and futuristic approach are imperative to ensure your startup don’t end like the 94% that shut down their shutters within the first year of operation.

Funding is an extremely significant aspect in line with meeting the vision of a business. Funding and fundraising, both are fundamental modern business scenarios that support the growth of a startup. The first round of funding, popularly known as seed funding forms the basis of fundraising. It is followed by series A, B and C rounds of funding. While the seed funding typically refers to the basic, initial round of funding, series A, B, and C differ in the business maturity and the type of investors involved. The series funding helps in the evolvement of a startup to a full-fledged organization by helping it with calculated funds at crucial steps.

As per a recent study, over 94 percent of new businesses fail during the initial year of performance. Lack of financing turns to be among the public explanations. The very long painstaking yet exciting travel from the thought to sales generating business wants a fuel named funding. That is why, at virtually every phase of the company, entrepreneurs wind up asking — How do I fund my startup?

But when would you need financing depends mostly on the character and variety of the business enterprise. But as soon as you’ve recognized the need for fundraising, the following are a few of the various sources of financing available.



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